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Brand Control

To execute on a brand's vision, you need marketplace control. This is something gained through experience, knowledge and implementing the right process.

Content Management

Customer satisfaction begins when a products purpose is clearly viewed and described. NetRush will ensure the message is consistent and accurate.

Targeted Promotions

NetRush has the experience and proven track record of assisting brands in promoting products that have enduring and long lasting success. We do more than just list a product for sale.

Premium Experience

Control the way customers receive product. Ensure clean, damage free delivery in a recyclable, easy to open box. Plus maximize the brands exposure and promote directly to the customer.

A Few of Our Partners

With Purpose, Vision and Execution...we are proud of our partner's success...

Who We Are

NetRush has a pretty simple mission- to be the leading third-party seller (of premium products) on the Amazon Marketplace. Today, we continue to be a top seller on Amazon and use our 10+ years of Amazon Marketplace experience to help brands strategize, navigate and grow their sales on one of the world’s largest website destination.

With a defined Purpose, Vision, and Execution in mind, we develop relationships with brands to successfully sell their products to consumers.

By listening and understanding to a brand's vision, NetRush creates unique marketplace opportunities and customer experiences that set products apart from the crowd. We then design forward thinking processes to consistently maintain a brand’s awareness.

NetRush started in 2006 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington with processing centers in Vancouver and Kentucky to maintain consistent quality standardss.

  • 10+ Years on
  • One of Amazon's top FBA Sellers
  • 2015 Sales: $55+ million
  • Strong sales growth in 2016
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